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Naturaletics Weekend Intensive: Zagreb, Croatia
June 16th

Lead Teacher: Aaron Hannon 
Founder of Naturaletics
B.S. in Kinesiology, RYT-500, YACEP, FRCms, MovNat lvl 1, Animal Flow lvl 1

Teacher Bio:
Movement and physicality have always defined Aaron’s life. For him, the human body’s best expression is natural movement, and he believes that a body so naturally in tune is capable of virtually anything. 
A former Track & Field Decathlete, Aaron is a passionate athlete whose evolution has led him to become a human-movement specialist. Merging several fitness principles with yoga, calisthenics and natural movement, Aaron has created his own model. With this innovation, as he does in any instructive setting, Aaron helps you feel invigorated, ready to experience a better exercise and move through your life more freely.

Aaron and his wife Lauren live in Lawrence, Kansas. A beautiful region of Midwest United States.



Naturaletics stands for “Natural athleticism” it is a holistic approach to fitness, a lifestyle of movement and physical vitality. Representing all aspects of being; mind, body, and spirit. It’s an expression of physical strength and body awareness, using numerous techniques stemming from, Sport/Athletics(football, basketball, baseball, track&field, soccer, tennis), Weightlifting, Plyometric, Yoga, F.R.C, Calisthenics, Primal locomotion, Dance.

Naturaletics’ solution is simple. Provide happiness through the means of a movement practice. Offering progressive methods and disciplines to give an individual a more capable physical body. When related to a holistic philosophy, the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, Naturaletics uses intelligent, playful, and scientific approaches to exercise, creating a whole new perspective to the term “healthy and happy lifestyle.”

9am-12pm-“Primal Movement, Locomotion, Floor Surfing, Ground-Based Flow Movement”

12-2pm – Lunch Break, Free time

2-6pm: “Athleticism, and Elemental Assimilation, Calisthenics(Handbalancing Emphasis and Core Strength)” 

Primal Movement, Locomotion, Floor Surfing, Ground-Based Flow Movement:

Expand your concept of play, flow, and free expression. Locomotion combines a wide range of dynamic exercises and ground-based movement combinations into a practice that challenges motor learning and brain-body connection. The result is a fun and challenging practice emphasizing multi-planar primal crawling, balance walking, soft jumping, shifting and mindfully traversing. Beautiful, fluid movement comes from a foundation of strength, flexibility, and body control, combined with a playful exploration of what your body can do. Locomotion can be integrated into your existing fitness routine as a warmup, conditioning, or as a foundational practice within itself for the sake of creating resiliency and remaining injury free.

An empowering mind and body connection through integrative floor movement patterns. Floor Surfing offers you the opportunity to explore your relationship with gravity, physical tension, vulnerability, and expression so you can give breath to your life. It utilizes principles from Dance, Qigong, Jiu-Jitsu, and Yoga, including slow dynamic stretches, rhythmic circular patterns, articulations, focus points, breathing practices and mindfulness with an infusion of free will. Release stress, resistance, fear, anger and any negativity that is hindering your ability to heal and maintain a happy, healthy and fulfilling movement practice.

Athleticism and Elemental Assimilation, Calisthenics(Handbalancing Emphasis and Core Strength)” :

Finishing off the weekend outdoors in the elements to enjoy an athletic and bodyweight strength approach to training.

The new age of athletic training; all humans are athletes, let’s explore more fundamentals to build body awareness, coordination, proprioception, healthy joints, metabolic demand and total body control, to name a few. All these add up to prepare an athlete for the endless variables that take place during a competition and training. I’m looking for RAW athleticism; this lies untapped due to specialization. All athletes need focused technicality, continuous neural adaptation, exploration of the transverse plane, inversion, an understanding of tension & relaxation, and a gateway for free-flowing instinctive physical activity. Once empowered to become a sound mover, then unconscious competence will spring!


If you have any question contact us by email: ajaracenter@gmail.com


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